Star Wars #1 comicbook launch Jan 17, 2015: The Gallery

Sith Lord Darth Vader graced the launch party of Marvel's Star Wars #1 comic.

Sith Lord Darth Vader graced the launch party of Marvel’s Star Wars #1 comic.

ICYMI: The Star Wars #1 comic by Marvel was launched at Atom comics with much fanfare. The lauded event started unassumingly at around 1pm, as early birds strolled in and picked up a couple or more copies of the million-copy record comic.

If you haven’t got the comic, read our review here.

As far as we know, Atom Comics was the only retailer to launch the issue by marking the book to match the cover price — in Singapore dollar. This meant we were able to pick up the comic at a price even cheaper than the U.S. As expected, the lull did not last long. When we got ready to explore the Atrium, the store was already registering a marked increase in body heat. We quickly scooted away with our loot. Did we not mention we had bought the first Star Wars Loot Box as well? These were the items in the box.

Contents of our first Star Wars-themed loot box.

Contents of our first Star Wars-themed loot box.

Except for the very puzzling X-Men collectible trading card pack (in a Star Wars-themed loot box?!), the other items were pretty neat. It came with a copy of Star Wars #1, a Black Series Dak Ralter action figure (worth S$20 apparently, as stated on the pricetag), a single battledroid, an X-Men trading card pack, a Star Wars #68 reprint poster featuring Boba Fett, a Han Shot First sticker, and a Jedi “Australia 8 Ballers” badge.

Leaving the crowd at Atom Comics, we headed to the Atrium were fierce battles were waged.

Hosted by Games @ PI, participants loyal to Imperial and Rebel starfleets tried to outwit, outfight and outlive each other at the Star Wars Miniatures game tournament, held through the day. Sad to say, this was the first we’ve heard of this board game. The last board game we played was Star Wars Monopoly but eventually gave up because the Wookie always wins. But we’ve to admit the details on these miniatures ships were mind blowing! We were sorely tempted to pick up the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter sets, just as a collection. You can read more about the tournament, and find out more about the game at PI’s blog.

Between 2-4pm, the local 501st legion started to patrol the mall. This was the moment we were waiting for. As Lord Vader and his crony squad of stormtroopers marched around and posed for pictures (perhaps it was shore leave from building the Death Star), we decided to stalk and catch them in the act. Also spotted in this garrison was a lone Sith/Dark Jedi(?). Apparently, local Fightsaber members had also turned up for the comic launch. Fightsaber is an International lightsaber performance and costuming organisation. You can find out more about them here. From what we heard, these Force-sensitives also custom-design and make their own lightsabers. Of particular interest was a katana lightsaber, we’d seen on their blog. As Darth Vader would say: “Impressive. Most impressive.”

It was at this time we had to take our leave. Just in time to see the folks at FatBoys burgers carry their trays of sliders to Atom Comics but, alas, we were wanted on a different planet, to continue our path on the Dark (or Light, we’re still undecided) side.


Meanwhile, relive the day with these pictures.


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