This little Han went to market

if anyone tells you Singapore is a pristine haven devoid of character, ask them about Pasar Bella.

An interesting signage of Pasar Bella made from corrugated zinc, the kind you’d find on the roofs of kampung houses.

The “farmer’s market”, as far as Singapore (which does not have enough land to produce a self-sustaining agriculture) goes, is more of an open layout grocery depot. It does, however, have a smorgasbord of interesting wines, cheeses, foods to whet any foodie’s shorts. And a fair share of interesting knick knacks you wouldn’t normally find in any of the malls.

Keep calm and carry food: Best advice I’ve heard thus far.

It is also as much an Instagram bait as any weekend farmer’s market you’d find in Australia or in the good ol’ US of A.

Interesting food stalls corner a section of the market. This is where you go on a worldwide whirlwind gastronomic adventure. Just remember to visit on an empty stomach.

If you’re visiting this part of the world or have never been to this beautiful get-away from home, this would be a good #localtourist venue to haunt.

What is this contraption? A boiler, broiler, tin can, rustbucket, early concept of R2D2? If anyone knows, please tell me in the comments.

Enjoy our pictures.

Winos or wine connoisseurs, there are enough of a selection to fill your inside-out, upside-down cellars.

This place is so beautiful, Han couldn’t help taking a selfie. Even if it’s just on a wooden boardwalk.

Cuisines here range from east to west, from exotic to comfort. Truth be told, bring more friends so you can share the love, and the calories.

This premium wagyu sirloin cut from James Butchery Co came at a hefty price, but it was beautifully rendered. We wouldn’t recommend paying extra for the garden salad and fries. It’s a little bland and soggy, respectively.

For S-Han, any opportunity — or wall — makes a good reason for a picture. Random brick wall at Pasar Bella entrance.

Even the wooden pallets outside uber designare shop Chillax Market make good rest points and photography subjects.

Wooden pallets are also good excuse for Han selfies. Apparently.

After walking and eating all morning, we sat down for a cuppa. And Han promptly prompted this shot.

Enjoy a Red Velvet cake at Madame Patisserie. You could say Han sent you but you wouldn’t enjoy anything more than a weirded look on the server’s face. You’re welcome.

Pew! Pew! After a snack, it’s time for a game of catch with blaster fire! Can you see where the deflected shots are? Tell us in the comments.

And our last shot: A cage with plants inside and a bird outside. Told you we live in a topsy turvy world!

Pasar Bella is at The Grandstand Bukit Timah. 200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994.


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