FIRST LOOK | Star Wars Nixon – Boba Fett

So, we received an email on Thursday that “limited quantities of the Star Wars collection” will be available today (Nov 12) at the Singapore Nixon stores. Being the Darth Vader freaks that we are, we decided to see the awesome timepiece for ourselves – even if we decidedly are unable to afford the limited edition timepiece.

The email that made us as giddy as a baby in a centrifuge.

As in the pictures, the 51-30 Darth Vader is a piece of machinery that is as solid as it is heavy. The watch is huge and menacing and as impressive as the Sith Lord is powerful. The online store at lists the watch at US$2,500 but the price that I saw today was S$1,058. A huge discount? (Correction: in our excitement, we’d mistaken the 51-30 Darth Vader for the limited edition automatic version. This version runs on a Japanese Quartz movement, hence the lower price. We apologise for the error).

The 51-30 Stormtrooper piece, listed on the US store at US$550 retails also at the same price of S$1,058. The 51-30 Stormtrooper, featuring a tide sub dial points to “kill” on high tide and “stun” when tide is low. Like the Darth Vader, it is a heavy piece that any trooper will be glad to heft.As beautiful as they are, they were also out of our price range.

NOOOO! We want the 51-30 Automatic Limited Darth Vader watch. As of Nov 15, there are only two pieces left at the Nixon Capitol Piazza shop.

The Boba Fett Ranger. Price: S$675

As we got up, ready to leave the shop in disappointment, we noticed two olive green timepieces – brooding in silence. These turned out to be the Boba Fett editions! First announced in May, and shown to journalists, these watches weren’t meant to be out until later this year. And, as far as I can tell, they have not been appeared in shops anywhere.
Even the online Nixon store hasn’t listed them. According to a September GQ editorial, they will only launch in the US on Nov 15. That means Singapore has the distinct privilege of launching the Boba Fett Ranger and Boba Fett Unit timepieces ahead of the world (even if it’s just for a day)!

The Ranger sports a canvas strap and an automatic quartz movement with analog hands, while the Boba Fett Unit is a digital watch with a silicone band. They’re both lightweight and sit like ninjas waiting to pounce on suspecting, err, attackers of your wrists.

Boba Fett Unit watch. Price: S$338

Unfortunately, we were unable to get better pictures than these but, as you can see, the Boba Fett digital display goes dark when you’re not using them – just as you’d expect the timepiece for a mercenary assassin waiting in the shadows would.

UPDATE | We went back for more pictures.


The Boba Fett Unit may have a silicone band but turn it over and you’d see Han Solo in carbonite on the strap!


Both Boba Fett watches show the bounty hunter on the backcase as well as his iconic phrase: “As you wish”.



Nixon Star Wars Dark Side II. The Darth Vader Sentry. This piece is a lot lighter than the 51-30, it is sleeker and slimmer too. Price: S$528.


The Nixon Time Teller series. It wouldn’t look out of place on a First Order Stormtrooper. Price: S$145.

Nixon stores are located at:

Nixon @ Capitol Piazza Stamford Road #B1-32, Singapore 178905. Tel: +65 6384 0687. Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30am to 8:30pm.

Nixon @ ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-13, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801. Tel: +65 6509 7295. Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00am to 9:00pm.

UPDATE | Nixon (@Nixon_Now) has tweeted Part II of its Star Wars collection will be launched on Nov 20. This includes the Boba Fett Ranger, a new Darth Vader watch and what looks like a First Order stormtrooper variant.

The Nixon Star Wars collection Part II will launch on Nov 20.

The Nixon Star Wars collection Part II will launch on Nov 20.




  1. […] Also available in this phase is the Darth Vader 51-30 watch, but priced more reasonably and is powered by a Japanese Quartz movement. However, the show stealer can be found on the back side strap of one of its cheaper models, the Boba Fett Unit. Turn the watch over and you’ll see Han encased in carbonite onto the silicon strap. We think this would get collectors salivating. See more details and pricing here. […]



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