The silver lining for Star Wars

It’s after halloween and nearing December; and everyone is getting into the Star Wars mood. With myriad merchandise rolling out from Disney and its affiliates, the only thing we haven’t yet seen is a Star Wars car.

Even though the products that have excited us thus far have been the toys (Millennium Falcon drone, anyone?), more products have been pushed towards the adult fans of late. Have you seen the Nixon Star Wars #Darkside collection yet? Another brand to target the Star Wars fans who had grown up with the original 1977 release is Royal Selangor Pewter.


Lord Vader peering through the window of the Death Star

We know Royal Selangor Pewter for its finely crafted mugs, jewelry, and for guys, cufflinks. And now, they also have finely sculptured Star Wars pieces, capturing heroes and villains in powerful poses.

Four limited edition statuettes of Darth Vader, Slave Leia, Han Solo (S$450 each), and a bronze-pewter diorama depicting the fight scene between Luke Skywalker and the rancor (S$1,350). Each of these pieces are limited to 5,000 worldwide – with the Luke vs rancor diorama (which weighs a hefty 4kg!) limited to only 500 pieces. In terms of covetousness, we think the Slave Leia – due to be retired by Disney – and Luke with rancor – limited stock – would have greater collector’s value.

Darth Vader. Limited to 5000 pieces worldwide. S$450


Slave Leia. Limited to 5000 pieces worldwide. S$450


Han Solo. Limited to 5000 pieces worldwide. S$450


Luke and rancor pewter with bronze diorama. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide. S$1,350

Non-limited releases such as the Boba Fett (S$170), Yoda (S$150) and Stormtrooper (S$170) are also available. According to the website, online orders may take up to three weeks to fulfill due to “overwhelming response”.

Also released are C3P0 and Darth Vader mugs (S$190 each) as well as Stormtrooper and Boba Fett tumblers (S$120). Other interesting collectibles include a Death Star trinket box (S$170), Snowspeeder and Millennium Falcon flash drives (S$100 each). Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire cufflinks are available at S$90 per pair.

From now until Nov 22, The Royal Selangor will be holding The Force is Strong exhibition at the Suntec City atrium where you may take photos of these hand sculpted pieces with an impressive likeness. You may even partake in a little pewter workshop to bring home a personalised pewter bowl.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for that Star Wars nut in your life, this might be the place to go — even if it isn’t a wretch hive of scum and villainy.


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  1. […] Fancy your Star Wars figures in silver? The Royal Selangor Star Wars collection has encased beloved heroes and villains in pewter to go in your display cases. While its main showcase at Suntec City Atrium may have ended on November 22, you can still catch the life-sized Han-in-carbonite on display at VivoCity and Takashimaya basement. More details, availability and pricing here. […]



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