Cashing in on Star Wars

With only a little over 2 weeks before the latest Star Wars movie Rogue One sneaks into cinemas here, brands are going into hyperdrive with #simisaialsostarwars. Starting with Citibank. The consumer-friendly bank released tickets on Nov 28 (Monday) to watch the latest Star Wars adventure on iMAX, 3D BEFORE anyone else on the planet has a chance to see what goes into making an interplanetary death ray.

In the interest of the hunt, here’s a list of what other #simisaialsostarwars activities you can look forward to, starting with…

Quick links: Uber | Gold Class | Supermama | Typo | The Falcon’s Hangar | Elohim by Sabrina Goh | Vivocity | Citibank | SMRT

Uber goes Rogue


Only one day before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story lands at our cinemas and Uber wants to bring you for a free screening, with all the trimmings. Starting tomorrow (Dec 14), request for an Uber ride between 5pm to 9pm and you may find yourself and a plus one whisked to a screening at The Cathay Platinum Movie Suites. The treat continues in royal fashion with a welcome food platter, a bucket of popcorn and drinks as you totally under-utilise the luxurious leather recliner seats as you watch from the edge.

It’s not a one-way ride too. Uber will also give lucky fans Rogue One swag and a promo code to cover your ride home (or save it for the next time you want to watch a movie).

To score invites, you have to open the Uber app between 5 to 9pm on Wednesday (Dec 14), tap on the On-Demand pop up at the bottom of the app (swipe up), request for a Movie Screening On Demand. If you’re lucky, an UberExec car will pick you and your plus one from where you are and send you to The Cathay Cineplex. That’s it. All that’s left is to go to the Platinum Suites at Level 5. If you arrive early, you can always calm your nerves at the VIP lounge (or share photos on Instagram with the hashtag #UberRogueOne to make your friends die with envy).

There will be two screenings: One at 7pm and one at 9.50pm. We imagine there will be “high demand” for Uber from 5pm tomorrow so get your fingers primed and ready on the trigger.

If you’re getting an Uber ride from today, you will be riding in an X-Wing Fighter when you activate the Rogue One experience. And while you’re careening towards the Death Star (or your destination, you can watch and re-watch special Making Of videos of Gareth Edwards Star Wars movie.

Tall, dark and frosty


You’re going to need refreshments when you’re watching a movie, especially when it’s an edge-of-the-seat kind like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Golden Village’s Gold Class Galactic Empire combo will deliver that kick. Imagine sipping a frosty beverage through Vader’s skull when the Sith Lord comes on screen. You’ll be gripped in a brain-freeze like you wouldn’t believe. Well, at least, that’s what we’re hoping would happen.

The combo comes with a Character bottle, choice of Darth Vader or Death Trooper (no brainer, really), truffle fries and a soft drink for $23.90 (usual price: $29.90). Promotion is not valid with other discounts and full hall bookings. And even though they didn’t state it, we’re going to assume it does not come with tickets too.

The only way Golden Village can top this is if they had a Rebels version, perhaps with K2SO’s head?

That’s no moon


Tired of collecting Star Wars art from overseas? Here’s something for the display cabinet with a touch of home.

Supermama will be launching a limited set (unnumbered) of their Peranakan-inspired Star Wars x Supermama Heirloom collection on Dec 10 at their flagship store in Beach Road. But if you can’t make it to the Saturday launch, you’re in luck. In a statement released yesterday via their Instagram account (@supermamasg), a limited quantity will be available for sale tonight (Dec 8) from 2359 (or 11.59pm) “due to the many requests and to avoid a crowd situation on Saturday”.

Supermama has kindly released the images to us so you get to see the designs ahead of time. There will be 6 designs in a limited run of 300 pieces per design. Unlike other Japanese Star Wars plates, these are designed with a Singaporean Peranakan flavour by Supermama and crafted in Japan. The designs include beloved characters from both the light and dark side as well as the iconic space crafts and the logos of the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. Each plate is 15cm in diameter and costs $42. Display stands (black) are also at a limited run and costs $2.50 each.

Supermama x Star Wars Heirloom collection 1 features Darth Vader
and stormtroopers around the Death Star with the Galactic Empire logo
Supermama x Star Wars Heirloom collection 2 features Yoda
with C3P0 around the Rebel Alliance logo
Supermama x Star Wars Heirloom collection 3 features Darth Vader and stormtroopers
with what looks like Vader’s TIE Advanced X1 around the Death Star and Galactic Empire logo
Supermama x Star Wars Heirloom collection 4 features the Millennium Falcon
surrounded by C3P0 and X-Wing fighters flanked by the Rebel Alliance logo
Supermama x Star Wars Heirloom collection 5 features R2D2 surrounded
by X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters flanked by the Rebel Alliance logo
Supermama x Star Wars Heirloom collection 6 features a stormtrooper surrounded
by TIE fighters and bombers dotted with the Galactic Empire logo

The stock will be split between the online and physical store and as much as Supermama “would love to do a 50/50… a lot depends on Thursday”. Fans are advised to place orders through the online store to “avoid hectic queues” or missing out when the limited stock is depleted. Online orders will be dispatched between two to five days (delivery may take up to seven days for peak periods). There is no option to order and pick up from the store on Saturday.

For those who want to brave the queues, the store will open at 11am on Saturday and close at 8pm. From what we’ve seen so far, this may be the only Lucasfilm sanctioned collaboration between a local design and Star Wars. And, who doesn’t want a little nonya with their Star Wars?


Here’s another look at all six designs side by side for easier comparison.

Supermama is located at 265 Beach Rd, Singapore 199544 (opposite Park Royal Hotel). Open 11am – 8pm every day.

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Our Typo of humour

Today we learned that our sense of humour would be right at home in Australia. If you haven’t already visited Typo, the chain of everyday lifestyle store from Down Under carries a bunch of snarky, smart items for today’s savvy shopper. Aside from their many cat-stuff, they are also big on pop (geek) culture with DC Comics and Disney merchandise.

And since Star Wars is now part of the Disney family, they have been welcomed into the quirky Typo family. The Christmas cards are punny, corny but oh, so lovely for theRogue One-slash-Christmas season. These cute greeting cards are 5 for $12 or $3 per piece. If you mail your Christmas cards today, it is still in time to send that loved one warm greetings before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story screens.



If you don’t have anyone to send Christmas cards to (we send them to ourselves, actually), how about some Galactic Empire gift tags to lift the holiday spirits. We’re sure even the foul mood of the Emperor would be lifted with these ceramic tags. $7.99 per piece.


Typo doesn’t seem to get enough Star Wars. There’s an entire showcase dedicated to Star Wars at the Ang Mo Kio Hub branch. Fans will be spoilt for choice with umbrellas, mugs, canvas shopping bags, laptop sleeves, wallets, luggage tags, tumblers – deep breath – and lots more. Our favourite? This Darth Vader marquee stand.


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On the hunt

Today’s the day. The mother of all toy sales is upon us. While not strictly following the #simisaialsostarwars theme of this post, The Falcon’s Hangar is a revered toy shop that carries lots of Star Wars toys and is well-loved by collectors and newbies. The sale runs today and tomorrow (Dec 3-4) from 12pm to 6pm. With up to 70 percent discounts on items, you’ll have to jostle elbow-to-chin for the best bargains — just in time for Christmas.


When we arrived at 1.28pm, the queue was already stretching almost to the other end of the building. It turned out to be an hour long line. As we inch closer to the entrance (and our hearts beat audibly), we found distractions in the form of Kid Nations Transformers and anime figurines. It’s a good way to pass your time – and a welcome distraction to keep us from hyperventilating.

A poster on the door caught our attention. A tribute to Star Wars exhibition will be held on Dec 9 at Inkink Collectibles at Bras Basah (deets: The show features curated art from Andie Tong, Chizza, DCWJ, Rachta Lin, Wetworks, Michael Chuah and many more. Click the link to see the entire line up as well as venue and opening hours.


Some posters on the door. The Star Wars tribute show by InkInk Collectibles caught our attention.

We’re finally at the door. We’re so close, we can smell, err, taste… err, feel our wallet smoldering.


As mentioned, TFH doesn’t just carry Star Wars merch and toy collectors can find bargains from the Marvel Universe, Japanese anime, Transformers, Gundam, and many others. Toys and collectibles are priced to clear. For example, the Luke Skywalker in Red Five X-Wing pilot outfit by Sideshow Collectibles was going for $250 (lowest price on ebay: US$320 excluding shipping).


Current lowest price on US$320 without shipping.

More Sideshow/Hot Toys 12-inch figures going for ridiculous prices: Jango Fett for $200 and various troopers ranging from $180 to $240.

Bandai model kits are going at $20, almost half the price of some sellers on Carousell. Egg Attack Action Sandtroopers are going for $80, Hero Cross Sandtroopers are also going for $80.

But what got our hearts a-flutter were the Ashigaru Meisho Movie Realization Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and Ronin Boba Fett figures, which were going for $60, $70 and $70 respectively. Most of these figures go for upwards of $100 in stores that we’d seen.


Lots of stock had already vanished by the time we got there and we’re guessing there will be slim pickings tomorrow. [UPDATE: The Falcon’s Hangar has replied to say there will be MORE stuff tomorrow, not less!] But you may pick up some Hasbro Black Series Captain Phasma or Bespin Luke Skywalker (last one when we were there) left on the shelves. Tikam-tikam collectors can pick off the Converge or Takara Tomy series, which seem to be plenty of.

Even though it can get quite cramped in the store, fans and friends keep the hunting civil and organised. If you’re going tomorrow, we wish you good hunting.



The Falcon’s Hangar is at 261 Waterloo Street, #01-27 Waterloo Centre, 180261.

[UPDATE Dec 5, 2016: The Mother of all toy sales has ended. We pray for the Grandmother of all toy sales will be coming soon. Stick around for more news]

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Thank God for Star Wars fashion

Literally minutes after we’d posted this story, we find another more interesting Disney collaboration for Star Wars. Singapore fashion designer Sabrina Goh has unveiled her second Disney collaboration, this time for Star Wars.

The late starter began her Star Wars induction with The Phantom Menace (gasp!) but luckily did not get turned off the Lucas’ series. In fact, she was enamoured with Queen Amidala fantastical costumes, Ms Goh tells

The collection plays off the light and dark side, says Ms Goh and features iconic characters R2D2, C3P0, Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

“My favourite characters are R2-D2 and C-3PO. Their bromance is a pull for me towards the Light side. I think their selflessness and unwavering loyalty towards the humans is what adds to their charm,” says Ms Goh. “Ironically, I found the process of developing the Dark side in this collection much easier. I might have a hidden dark side in me.”

Prices start from S$149.90 for an asymetrical tee to S$249 for a cape dress. Star Wars is definitely not just for guys, and girls now have something to call their own (the guys just don’t get it) for the screening of Rogue One. See pictures of the collection here:

C3PO, R2D2 and the Galaxy Star Wars tops at $149.90 each.

C3P0 and R2D2 culottes, and the Galaxy Asymmetrical Dress at $189.90 each.

Darth Vader Cape at $179.90 (comes in black and white).

Darkside Sketch dress at $219.90 (available in black and white).

The Galaxy Cowl Neck Flair and Death Star dresses at $199.90 each.

The Darth Vader Cape dress at $249.90.

Available at SABRINAGOH Capitol Piazza flagship store #02-13-14, Stamford Road, Singapore 178905

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This is our playground

Star Wars is for everyone in the family. If you haven’t already been to Vivocity, do it today! Packed into the atrium is a 8-metre tall AT-ACT that is supposedly 1/4 scale of the actual walker in Rogue One!


If that is not enough of a photo op for you, there are four actual size Deathtroopers just waiting for a selfie. They’re pretty tall troopers so your mini ones may have to sit on your shoulders, or if you’re too short to be a stormtrooper you may have to tippy-toe like us.


Besides the myriad photo opportunities, there are lots of merchandise, toys, collectibles to fill your Christmas trees as well as video games to try (keep your young padawans busy).

Action City pop up store.
Cool stuff from Simply Toys.

There’s even a virtual reality corner to see what it’s like to fly an X-Wing (virtually). We can safely say it’s so bloody hard to look out for TIE fighters from the sloped canopy.

The Live Your Star Wars Story display will be on until Dec 18 at the Central Court. Vivocity is at 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585.

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Citi lights, city bright

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 4.26.56 pm.png

Continuing the Rogue One fever, a lucky Citibank customer will win a trip for two to the Star Wars Celebrations next year at Orlando, USA. You can also get your hands on exclusive premiums such as umbrellas, duffel bags and travel luggage with accumulated points. You can get the full deets here. So, time to spend on those Rogue One merchandise and get rewarded with even more merchandise from the galaxy far far away.

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Train your sights on these

Beyond providing transport for the huddled masses, SMRT is also jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon (as they did for The Force Awakens last year). This year, every spend of $30 at the shops around SMRT stations gets you a chance to win a 5-day-4-night trip to the New York Comic Con to be held from Oct 5 to 8 next year 2017!


If you haven’t already bought your Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tickets, every $50 spent lets you redeem a pair of passes to watch the latest flick (redemption period from Nov 17 to Dec 31). More details of the promotions as well as locations of stores here: SMRT Shop and Dine.

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  1. […] Star Wars took the world by storm and grew immensely – both in pop culture and in mass retail. Legoland Malaysia even unveiled the world’s largest Millennium Falcon Lego creation earlier this year (we were there to see the festivities). Besides Lego, fashion designers turned to the galaxy far far away for inspiration as couture meets geek culture. We are still hoping the hype would turn our non-believing wives into super fans by the time Episode VIII hits. (See more #simisaialsostarwars here) […]



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